Certified Diamontologist

Certified Diamontologist
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Live for today as we are not promised Tomorrow.  Family and Friends are everything cherish them all!! 
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Fun Facts About Susan
Hidden Talents

I love playing shuffleboard and being Grandma Susan to my 3 Grandsons

Favorite Exotic Food

Chicken Masala and Filet Mignon:)

Favorite Diamond Shape

3 or 4 Carat Round

What I'm Passionate About

Life!, I believe the glass is always half full:), I love Shuffleboard League Night and Tournaments, I love my my job and most of all my customers. They become FAMILY TO ME!, I love my sons and my 3 grandsons, Ethan Zach Aidan. They are the best!

Favorite Movie

All the Fast and Furious movies and any movie I see with my grandkids!

When I'm Not At Work I'm

Being Grandma Susan, Being Suzy Diamonds during Shuffleboard, Living life to its fullest while loving my family and friends

Favorite Genre of Music

Country and most others

My Favorite Style


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