Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager
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I'm a little bit country, I'm a whole lot rock 'n roll, but mostly, I'm Christian deep in my soul.

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Fun Facts About Randell
Favorite Diamond Shape

Round, Cushion Cut

Favorite Movie

The Bourne Series., A Few Good Men., Shooter.

When I'm Not At Work I'm

Hanging out with my sons, at church, or on a cruiseliner.

Favorite Genre of Music

70's and 80's rock'n roll.

What I'm Passionate About

My Lord and Savior, my sons, and Making the dreams of couples in love come true.

Hidden Talents

They are so hidden they are not visible.

Favorite Local Date Place

Any place I actually have a date.

My Favorite Style


Favorite Exotic Food

Most anything that doesn't eat me first.

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